In partnership with On the Run convenience stores and ExxonMobil, Cliffedge's Brand Ambassadors drive enrollment for shopper rewards program


ExxonMobil needed a grassroots initiative to increase consumer awareness and enrollment for their coalition loyalty rewards program.


Employing teams of Cliffedge brand ambassadors at ExxonMobil-affiliated On the Run convenience stores, we approached customers with the opportunity to save at their local c-store.  
Outfitted with iPads and an extensive knowledge of how ExxonMobil’s Plenti® rewards program works, Cliffedge’s team of brand ambassadors drove additional sign-ups at strategic locations. By removing the burden of enrolling customers from the store employees, the events allowed our staff the opportunity to explain the program in greater detail and create more meaningful touch-points with consumers.

How Event Activation with Cliffedge created impact for Exxon-Mobil:
•    Trained brand ambassadors on how the Plenti program works
•    Utilized Wi-Fi enabled tablets to easily enroll new program participants
•    Set up events inside stores to target consumers who were more apt to make a purchase beyond the pump
•    Showcased rewards and giveaway items for participants that signed up in-store 


By relieving store employees of registration duties and offering immediate rewards, our brand ambassadors were able to increase enrollment into the program by over 300% at select locations.

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