Why Brand Ambassadors are an Asset to Your Company

With observations and insights from a Prairie Farms brand ambassador:

The benefit of brand ambassadors isn’t a big secret;

3 Best Practices for Your Social Media Strategy

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How to Create a Buyer Persona to Benefit Your Business

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5 Reasons Why Contests are Critical for Your Small Business

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Chipping in for Children 2017

This year at the 7th annual Chipping in for Children charity golf tournament, teams representing 18 brands came to play golf, but stayed to support the kids.


3 Tips on How to Make Your Content Count

Successful brands know the trick to getting their product noticed: they create meaningful content around it.

The bottom line is that content bulks up your brand presence in the digital and…

Why social media is so important for your small business


Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Yelp. Are you getting social with your potential customers and talking to them in a language they understand? Here’s why you should be.

Power of the Pink Day at Busch Stadium

“Making a difference in the lives of women we love.” It isn’t just a tagline to a sales pitch. It’s a real and true exclamation point to Cliffedge Marketing’s

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