How to Get Vendors to Say Yes to Retail Promotions

50% off of your ENTIRE purchase! Get this EXCLUSIVE offer! BOGO! We have all seen the retail strategies encouraging consumers to buy, but what about getting a vendor to buy into something you’re selling?

As a company that works with a lot of vendors, Cliffedge Marketing knows what it’s like to be on the other side. And out of all of us here, no one may know this better than our President, Sherri Cliffe, who sat down with me to discuss her take on how to get vendors to say yes to retail promotions.

How Do You Get Vendors to Say Yes to Retail Promotions? 

When I asked Cliffe this very question, she promptly responded, “by offering some kind of unique promotion or in-store display – something that gives their product prominent exposure to the customer.” What does this look like? Well, Cliffe went on to explain that a unique in-store display is often a product display at the front of the store (in the lobby area) or at the end of an aisle (in retail terminology – an “end cap”).  She says that these types 
 of displays, “attract customers to make an instant buying decision.”

Cliffe went on to give 3 examples of successful Cliffedge Marketing retail promotions that tie this all together.

Pajama Party at the Magic House

For this ‘Register to Win’ retail promotion, Cliffedge worked with St. Louis area grocer, Shop ‘n Save, to promote an exciting adventure for children – a private Pajama Party at The Magic House, an iconic St. Louis children’s museum to celebrate Oreo Cookie’s 100th birthday. Sponsored by Prairie Farms Dairy and Mondelez (Nabisco), the event was invite-only and supported through radio advertising and in-store signage.

Speaking of signage, both vendors were given special in-store displays by their product. Says Cliffe, “Prairie Farms does a variety of these kinds of programs where they will receive an extra display for their yogurt or milk products” for participation.  This vendor type of engagement  also helps the retailer by driving customers to their store to register for prize packages.  Over 1,500 people registered for the Pajama Party, creating that positive touch point with the consumer that brands crave. 

Breakfast in the Bullpen with the St. Louis Cardinals

Most great promotions offer an experience that money can’t buy. And this promotion offered just that. Cliffedge teamed up with Kraft, Kellogg’s and ConAgra Foods to give participants the once in a lifetime opportunity to have Breakfast in the Bullpen of their favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals. Once again, Cliffedge sold the excitement of the experience by utilizing special in-store displays with custom creative signage that represented the “look” of the experience at Schnucks, another popular St. Louis grocery chain. By tying our vendors into a program that involved St. Louis’ beloved baseball team, the promotion sold itself, not only to the vendors, but to the consumers as well. It was a win-win!

Kids B.E.E. Healthy

This annual Dierbergs promotion focuses on Better Eating & Exercise and targets children up to age 12. The promotion encourages kids to write an essay on what keeps them healthy including a balanced diet and exercise. Their entry could score them an in-school assembly hosted by a famous athlete, playground equipment for their school and a bike for themselves. The in-store promotion uses eye-catching signage to distinguish the participating vendor products and a comprehensive media campaign including traditional television spots and inclusion in a live segment on the local NBC affiliate’s AM news program. Last year, the program was active for 4 weeks in 25 Dierbergs grocery stores and garnered over 1,200 entries from area schoolchildren. Check out the details on Kids B.E.E. Healthy.

All of these programs reinforce the things that make vendors say ‘YES’: a unique promotion, in-store displays and most importantly ROI (Return on Investment). Vendors know that these are the cornerstones of selling more product. Are you a vendor who is looking to increase your customer exposure? Contact Cliffedge Marketing at (314) 241-0606 today! But hurry…this offer won’t last!

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