Cliffedge Marketing: A Year in Review

Just like in any profession, reflection is important in business. Assessing one’s successes and shortcomings gives perspective and provides a clearer view when moving forward.

That is why Cliffedge Marketing has chosen to reflect upon itself. While diving into the New Year, we also find ourselves analyzing this past one, including the ups, downs and potential for the future.


Looking back at 2014, there have definitely been some positives, including hiring new team members and investing in more inbound marketing strategies.

Hiring New Team Members

This year, Cliffedge hired two new employees, Christy and Colin, to its team.  While hiring two employees may seem insignificant to big companies like Apple or AT&T, it is a big deal when you are talking about adding them to a company of only five.   It is no small task for a small company but it has led to some positive changes for us including a fresh outlook, new ideas, and more expertise in needed areas.  

Investing in More Inbound Marketing Strategies

You may be wondering what Inbound Marketing is and that’s ok because we are fairly new to it ourselves! Essentially it is a newer type of marketing communication that, according to Voltier Digital, relies on earning people’s interest instead of buying it - through such things as podcasts, ebooks, blogs, infographics and social media. It is different than Outbound Marketing (cold calling, direct mail, TV ads etc.) in that the customer comes to you instead of being pursued.

After hearing about all of the success stories regarding inbound marketing, we decided to invest more in it, specifically by increasing our time and energy into social media and blogging. And it seems to be working! We have increased the exposure of our targeted social media page by 8-fold and our blog has become the main avenue in which people access our website, making it an important tool in increasing site traffic.

A Swing and a Miss

Every company has its missteps and Cliffedge is no exception. For us, our shortcoming this past year involved over-extending ourselves.

As an events company, it is a given that employees will work events, sometimes that run past 5 o’clock and sometimes on the weekends. However, in a business with a small staff, you have to be careful not to overload yourselves. This can lead to burn-out, even with the most motivated of crews. Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way, after taking on more events during our busiest season.

But for every misstep taken, there is a lesson learned. We have realized that if we are going to continue to grow and take more on, we may need to invest in a street team.  A street team is exactly how it sounds – a team of people who ‘hit the streets’ to work an event. While nothing is set in stone, the added man power could definitely prove to be beneficial in the upcoming months.

Looking Ahead

A lot can happen in a year, as we have seen with 2014. And we plan to be just as active in the New Year, adding more depth to our programs by expanding our use of inbound marketing tactics. We will enhance our capabilities by focusing on the creation of quality content, adding value to current and potential clients.

Are you ready for 2015 to be the year you work with Cliffedge? Reach out to us today for a free consultation! 

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