Balance Your Business with Thinkers and Doers

Business is a bit of a balancing act. Never mind balancing the input with the output or the critics with the audience. We are talking about the cohesion of two opposing forces that must be balanced every day.

Thinking vs. Doing. The imaginative camp of Thinkers who construct ideas that only a resourceful Doer can masterfully deploy. A boisterous combination that, only when both work diligently to serve the other’s interests, can create great things for business.

But, as volatile combinations often do, a disproportioned amount of thinkers versus doers can upset or implode the project. Thus, we have the balancing act that you must identify within your business to be successful and continue to innovate.

Thinkers: Known almost exclusively for their ability to broaden the scope of a project by introducing new ways to improve upon previous processes and standards, a Thinker will find a creative way to garnish or supplement your services with innovative concepts.

Doers: The elves to the North Pole’s Santa, these workhorses bring an idea to fruition. They possess the resources and abilities to produce an efficient, and often optimized, version of the Thinker’s concept. Their existence brightens with each new process or business practice they implement.

But like most post-apocalyptic, young adult fiction nowadays, the opposing factions must find a way to coexist in harmony or risk being destroyed by their own hand. So, how can your business succeed with two competing forces butting heads at every turn? Well, take our example if you like.

Muddling Thinking and Doing at Cliffedge Marketing

The first seven years or so at Cliffedge saw a very precise interpretation of this concept. Sherri was the Thinker; Melinda was the Doer. The business could not survive without both elements and as it grew, the two employees sharpened their innate strengths while, over time, adopting the characteristics of their counterpart as well.

How’d that happen? Well, when you portion out your Thinkers and Doers appropriately, one group will never smother the other and the balance that results can lead to a very purposeful foundation for success. With marketing, outlandish ideas to drive the company forward are encouraged because you can count on the other side to work diligently dissecting and configuring the best way to execute them.

As the blog Innovate on Purpose has stated, there needs to be a bridge between the two camps to be successful. Jeffery Phillips writes, “What's interesting is that a firm composed completely of ‘Thinkers’ is basically a research lab or a think tank, while a firm composed completely of ‘Doers’ would eventually run itself, very efficiently, right out of business because it never changed or created new products or services.” This is further proof of how important it is to identify who fits into which camp within your business and place them on a team that can effectively harness their talent.

Identify the Thinkers and Doers at Your Organization

Even as Cliffedge Marketing developed into the business you know today, with each new hiring we would identify those who could think big and those who could get the job done. And, more importantly, we respected the output of each type, never favoring one over the other, because both are necessary to move business forward.

Yet much like a set of siblings, Thinkers and Doers will butt heads from time to time, which can be expected from two opposing groups that approach a situation in two completely different ways. That’s why understanding their process and essentially, what makes them tick, will help you appreciate and inspire their production.

Level the Playing Field by Establishing Importance

When both sides are cognizant of how important the other is, the real magic happens. Since both sides consider themselves indispensable, the key to relieving any creative tension is to keep them together. Let them bounce and build off of each other. As with most things, seeing how the other side operates can produce a mutual respect and understanding that can’t be achieved from a distance.

The big thinkers will see that their concepts need to be pieced together somehow and the efficient doers out there will know that without a compelling idea, a business can grow stale. When their collaborative efforts result in a positive change, both sides deserve the praise.

Combine and Conquer

Do you know where you fit in in a world full of Thinkers and Doers? Are you working alongside the team members who can help bring your concepts from the drawing board to the production line or can provide you with an idea that you can run with and turn into a polished masterpiece?

If you’ve been working alongside your counterpart for long enough under balanced conditions, chances are you’ve already added some alternate skills to your arsenal. And as you become successful with both the thinking and doing part of your job, true leadership, innovation and ultimately success is possible in all areas of life and business.

How our Thinkers and Doers Can Help

At Cliffedge Marketing, our balance of Thinkers and Doers could translate into a very successful marketing promotion for your business. Your marketing is dependent on the rival forces working together to create fresh, deliberate campaigns that influence and inspire your customers. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help make great ideas happen!

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