5 Things to Know about Social Media for Your Business

Like. Comment. Share. These words have a whole new meaning with the advent of social media. As consumers adopt this newer form of communication, businesses will need to learn to speak their language.

Cliffedge Marketing: A Year in Review

Just like in any profession, reflection is important in business. Assessing one’s successes and shortcomings gives perspective and provides a clearer view when moving forward.

Cliffedge Marketing's Top Five Christmas Movie Picks

Whether sappy, sweet, endearing or funny, Christmas movies come in all categories. And just like with the old movie classics, you’re bound to have a favorite. Below are five of our own…

How to Get Customers into Your Stores: An Insider's Perspective on Retail

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here, the stores are packed and you may find yourself running around last minute to make sure you have [insert gift item] under the tree.

Being a Face for Change: The Importance of Cause Marketing

“It’s not personal. It’s business.” Most of us have heard this statement before, whether through our own workplace experiences or from watching “The Godfather”…

A Cause Worth Marketing For: Power of the Pink 2014

Pink. Every October this color becomes more than just a reflection of all things sweet and feminine. During breast cancer awareness month, pink is survival. Pink is toughness. Pink is determination.

Retail Marketing for a Cause: Kid's B.E.E. Healthy 2014

“Don’t forget to eat your vegetables!” “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

These are phrases I heard a lot during my childhood and while I may have secretly placed my veggies on the ledge…

5 Ways the Family Attractions Card is Innovating in 2015

Ever been attacked by a bunch of baby goats while trying to feed them milk at Grant's Farm? How about having your hair stand on end while grabbing an electrically-charged ball at The Magic House? Or…

Experts are Calling St. Louis a Top Tourism Contender

Cliffedge Marketing has a lot of pride for its city and it seems that we aren’t alone!

The Key to Making Lasting Customer Relationships

If you think about it, you have loyalties to certain shops or restaurants that lead you to frequent their establishment more than any other.  And if you think even harder, you’ll likely…