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Good Sports Marketing When Your Team is Bad

Developing a winning marketing strategy that can outperform a losing team can seem like a 4th and 20 situation, but remembering these 5 plays could get you the score you need to win!

A Cause Worth Marketing For: Power of the Pink 2014

Pink. Every October this color becomes more than just a reflection of all things sweet and feminine. During breast cancer awareness month, pink is survival. Pink is toughness. Pink is determination.

How Social Media Can Boost Your Marketing

Since promoting brands is kind of our bread and butter, it shouldn’t surprise you that Cliffedge Marketing appreciates the power that social media can bestow upon a business. And, along with our…

Retail Marketing for a Cause: Kid's B.E.E. Healthy 2014

“Don’t forget to eat your vegetables!” “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

These are phrases I heard a lot during my childhood and while I may have secretly placed my veggies on the ledge…

5 Ways the Family Attractions Card is Innovating in 2015

Ever been attacked by a bunch of baby goats while trying to feed them milk at Grant's Farm? How about having your hair stand on end while grabbing an electrically-charged ball at The Magic House? Or…

Make Your Blog Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Like so many organizations out there, we once thought of blogging as something that only involved people with disheveled hair huddled around a table in Starbucks openly discussing the current state…

Brand Ambassadors: Marketing on the Front Lines

You don’t always need a celebrity spokesperson to sell your product; sometimes it pays to have a Marketing specialist onboard instead. (We all know that the celebrities representing McDonalds at…

Experts are Calling St. Louis a Top Tourism Contender

Cliffedge Marketing has a lot of pride for its city and it seems that we aren’t alone!

How Cliffedge Marketing Gives Your Business an Edge

Most organizations spend a lot of time and effort to make sure their customers know they exist. To that end, “Marketing” is a priority for any business and it’s done (even if you realize it at the time…

The Key to Making Lasting Customer Relationships

If you think about it, you have loyalties to certain shops or restaurants that lead you to frequent their establishment more than any other.  And if you think even harder, you’ll likely…