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Cliffedge Marketing: A Year in Review

Just like in any profession, reflection is important in business. Assessing one’s successes and shortcomings gives perspective and provides a clearer view when moving forward.

When Event Marketing Goes Bad

Just like meeting the in-laws for the first time, there are no do-overs in Event Marketing.  Events can play a crucial part in a marketing campaign, so be at the top of your game and make them count.

Cliffedge Marketing's Top Five Christmas Movie Picks

Whether sappy, sweet, endearing or funny, Christmas movies come in all categories. And just like with the old movie classics, you’re bound to have a favorite. Below are five of our own…

Balance Your Business with Thinkers and Doers

Business is a bit of a balancing act. Never mind balancing the input with the output or the critics with the audience. We are talking about the cohesion of two opposing forces that must be balanced…

How to Get Customers into Your Stores: An Insider's Perspective on Retail

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here, the stores are packed and you may find yourself running around last minute to make sure you have [insert gift item] under the tree.

5 Networking Tips for Small Businesses

A recent TV commercial showed two businessmen sitting next to each other at the airport. One man smiled upon the realization that they were wearing matching ties. He tried to show it off but was ignored…

Beyond a Sign in the Outfield: The Sports Marketing Evolution

While the sports world is changing, marketers and organizations are adapting to the change and finding innovative ways to be a part of the fan experience. Are you in on the Sports Marketing bandwagon?

Being a Face for Change: The Importance of Cause Marketing

“It’s not personal. It’s business.” Most of us have heard this statement before, whether through our own workplace experiences or from watching “The Godfather”…

Turn a Negative Customer Experience into a Positive One

“We are experiencing a heavy volume of phone calls right now.  Please remain patient and stay on the line.  Your call is very important to us.  Our representatives are busy assisting other customers.…

In-Store Retail Promotions Drive Consumer Engagement

“In today’s society, life is hectic and we tend to always be on the run,” says Cliffedge Marketing’s President, Sherri Cliffe.“People are always more open to new ideas when they’re in ‘pause mode’.”